Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25: Twinkle toes

Today we got free Wagamama noodles at uni! The queue was a mile long, but went fairly quickly and we ended up getting a good portion size of lush yasai yaki soba. We also got free Wagamama sauce and Tiger beers. Tidy. The lads behind us kept going on about how all vegetarians are “fucking gay” and how they can’t wait to see girls’ nipples in summer when they sweat through a white tshirt… (heads up, girls don’t tend to sweat excessively on their boobs, but it’s a plausible fantasy so props to them).

We did miss the discount Krispy Kreme stall, but it was all good because we had homemade flapjack and Tom got me a feast ice cream for pud.

Today I also had a one-on-one voice training class for broadcast. How showbiz it that?! I ended up just spending the time nattering away to the teacher about her marble effect nail varnish, rather than trying to help my mumbling and stuttering. But at least I’ll have nice nails (especially helpful for radio).

It seems to be getting more and more summery everyday, so I’ve been braving it with bare legs. Maybe a little too optimistic on the temperature front, but it does mean I get to hibernate the tights and crack out the fun socks underneath my shoes.

Thanks to my feet models Elspeth and Tom, and to Mark for helping take the photo! Turns out I have tiny narrow feet and baby wrists. Who woulda thought.